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The Malaysia Rail Industry Corporation, (“MARIC”) was established as an incorporated association in the year 2017 entrusted with the mission to contribute to the development of the Malaysian railway systems engineering. MARIC membership is open to all companies operated in Malaysia, with a majority local shareholder and has been involved in railway systems engineering and associated works. Companies from the area of public transportation, communication, developers related to transit-oriented development as well as the construction sectors (railway infrastructure) are also eligible to become the member.


Since its establishment, MARIC has endeavored to achieve the Malaysian railway mission, through extensive activities including seminars, symposiums, exhibitions, Familiarization programs, Export Acceleration Mission (EAM), business matchings and the promotions of local empowerment program.


Over the years, the MARIC membership has increased significantly to 51 members with approximately 5,000 employees at present and is currently engaged in various wide-ranged activities such as construction, rehabilitation, MRO, and PPP in Malaysia and around the world.